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How BridalShops.com Work

1. Create an account on BridalShops.Com

Just some info about your bridal shop and a valid PayPal email address.

2. Upload your dresses

Specify the size, color, designer, price, and other important details of the dress along with a product picture.

3. Ship them out

Choose a preferred shipping method for your shop and ship it out. Free shipping can also be offered.

4. Turn your inventory into cash

Once transaction is complete, we will transfer your payment to your PayPal account (minus the commission fee).

Upfront 13% Fee

No extra credit card, PayPal or listing fees for you!

We want to make selling as straightforward as possible while helping you keep more of your sales dollars. No need for complex pricing schemes and multiple fees that quickly add up and eat away at your profits.

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Frequently Asked Qestions

General Information

Our site reaches brides and bridal parties across the US. Our typical shoppers are brides who either haven’t found the right dress at their local bridal shops or need a wedding dress ASAP. Of course we also get plenty of brides who are just looking for great deal.

Currently, our marketplace only accepts wedding gowns and bridesmaids dresses that are in new condition. These can be floor samples as long as they have never been sold. If there are any known blemishes or imperfections on the dress, please make note of it in your listing and price the item accordingly. All items should be in stock and available to ship out immediately.

Note: We will be expanding our platform very soon to start selling accessories and other bridal products!

We charge a flat rate of 13% of your sales price only after your item sells. You can upload as many dresses as you’d like and not pay a dime until a dress sells. We also take care of the payment processing fees regardless of how the shopper pays.

Pricing & Payments

All funds from your sales (minus any commissions and fees) will be paid to your PayPal account. Make sure to enter your PayPal account email address in the Vendor Dashboard under Settings -> Payment.

Alternatively, we can also mail a check on a monthly basis to the store address we have on file, but PayPal will be the quickest way to get your money.

Once you ship your sold product (tracking number entered and item marked as shipped in the Vendor Dashboard), we will transfer payment for that product to your PayPal account. Please allow 4-6 business days to receive the funds. If you do not have a valid PayPal email on file, then we will mail you a check on a monthly basis.


All sales on our site are final. However, to improve the likelihood that your product will sell, you may offer your own return policy to the buyer. Keep in mind that the commission paid to BridalShops.com will not be refundable.

Sales Tax

Sales tax laws can be overwhelming and complicated, but for most bridal shops who already have a physical store, you should already be charging and reporting on sales tax from your local in-store sales (assuming you’re in a state that requires sales tax). Selling online can actually be simpler because you generally are not required to charge sales tax when the product is sold to anyone outside of your “nexus” state. Note: Your “nexus” state is essentially any state in which your company has a “physical connection”, including but not limited to your bridal showrooms or any warehouses where inventory is stored. Please consult your tax professional for more information.

Our platform currently does not dynamically calculate sales tax for each customer and seller based on their locations. However, to keep the purchase process simple and more upfront for customers, we recommend factoring your potential sales tax amounts into your product pricing. Then, when it’s time to file your taxes, you can easily download your order history from the Vendor Dashboard and calculate the amount of tax owed for customers within your nexus state.


This is entirely up to each vendor. You can either charge the customer a flat rate for shipping each product or offer them free shipping as an additional incentive to buy from you.

You have the flexibility to use what shipping provider you prefer.

We recommend clearly specifying your shipping policy in your shop settings (go to the Vendor Dashboard and selecting Settings -> Shipping). Here you can also specify a default flat rate cost for shipping all of your products which can be overridden for each individual product listing.

Your specified shipping cost will be added to the product’s listing price and paid for by the buyer as part of the total purchase price.

Hint: Offering free shipping can help your listings sell faster!

Selling Tips

Ship it safely and quickly. To ensure dresses don’t get damaged during shipping, you should always wrap it in a plastic bag and ship it in a sturdy box that has at least a 200-lbs-per-square-inch burst strength. Make sure the box is just large enough to fit the dress comfortably without too much excess space. You may be able to reuse the boxes that the dresses originally came in.
Offering free shipping can help encourage users to buy from you.

Decide if you want to allow shoppers to return products. Either way, be clear about your Return Policy and specify it when setting up your store (Vendor Dashboard -> Settings -> Shipping).

For each product, specify a Regular Price and a Sale Price that is lower by a meaningful amount. The more you discount an item from the Regular Price, the easier it will be to sell it.
Offering free shipping can make your products more attractive to shoppers.

  • Upload clear, high quality photos of your dresses. These can be stock photos of the dress from the designer or photos you take yourself.
  • Try to use natural, bright lighting when taking your own photos.
  • Show all angles of the dress, including close-ups if the dress has some unique or intricate details.
  • Having a model wear the dress will also help buyers visualize how the dress looks.

Make sure to add your contact information to your shop settings. This gives users a better sense of confidence in buying from your store and allows them to contact you with questions.


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